Foil rolls are intended primarily for packaging machines of various types. We are able to adapt them to the requirements of customers, according to specific assumptions and requirements. The implementation is always preceded by free of charge tests, to make sure that the chosen parameters are absolutely the best. This avoids confusion and ensure a secure implementation.

We make foil rolls in a mono and a laminate formats. The term “mono” indicates that the foil print is reverse or aversive, wherein one layer of the foil is used. This happens for example in the case of packaging for frozen fish, dumplings, bread, fresh vegetables, pet food, some of the chemical products, as well as coal bags, polystyrene or small metal parts or parts of the electrical system.

Laminates are on another hand glued to at least two or more layers, with the label printed between the layers. You can use a matt varnish, on a whole or selected parts, to make the graphic design more attractive. That type of foil is mainly used in the packaging of confectionery, candy, pasta, dry goods like rice, buckwheat, peas, instant meals, dairy and cheese products, meats and all pre-made meals.